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Liposuction is a corrective procedure of body forming that can remove irregular segmental fat tissue deposits and reduce cellulite in certain regions of the body, which cannot be achieved with diets, not exercise.

It is one of the most popular procedures in esthetic surgery; by using negative pressure, aspiration, subcutaneous fat tissue is permanently removed, together with cells in which fat is ‘stored’.

Liposuction absolutely is not a method of losing weight; it does not remove excess weight or solves obesity. Results are visible now, although real effect is evident in 2-3 months. In case regular exercise and maintenance of bodily weight is continued, liposuction results can be preserved.

Description of the procedure

Some effects of liposuction are visible right away, which makes the procedure very attractive. Results differ, depending on the possible amount of the removed fat tissue and elasticity of skin and subcutaneous matter. The results are the best in the area of thighs, upper thighs (‘riding pants’), around the waist and in the inner knee.

In the beginning, a so-called ‘dry liposuction’ was performed – with no special preparation of the tissue, by separating parts of fat tissue using vacuum. Nowadays, hydroliposuction is performed by injecting solution mixed with local anesthetic and medicine used to contract blood vessels (vasoconstrictors) – which reduces pain, bleeding and swelling, thereby shortening recovery time. Fat tissue is shattered, homogenized and drained out in the form of thick yellow mass.


Suitable candidates are women and men above 18 years of age with elastic skin, normal body shape, with fatty tissue and/or cellulite in specific parts of the body. Those are mostly: chin and neck, upper arms, abdomen, hips, thighs and knees, buttocks and calves.


As well as with all other procedures done under general anesthesia, it is necessary to do laboratory tests and ECG, and bring other previous medical documentation – all information on this topic will be provided during the consultative examination with Dr. Čandrlić.

Course of the procedure

It is done using traditional methods, or, perhaps, with the help of the ultrasound to ensure easier ‘shattering’ of the fat tissue. A small incision is made in order to put the cannula. A special liquid is added to reduce pain and bleeding. Homogenised excess fat is removed through a vacuum empowered tubule found in the cannula.

The procedure is done under general anesthesia; it takes about two hours. Postoperatively, a custom-made corset is immediately put on. Patient stays in a suite during the next few hours for the sake of surveillance, analgesia and bleeding control. If necessary, the patient stays overnight.


Recovery period after liposuction is relatively short and bearably painful. However, scarring and swelling can be present for 2-4 weeks. Corset is worn for the next 3-4-6 weeks (depending on the region and volume of the procedure), in order to reduce swelling and pain and to aid the skin in regaining tightness and shaping into a new figure.

First 24 hours: After the release from the Polyclinic, the patient receives detailed instructions on medications, regime and control examinations. It is advisable to start moving immediately after the procedure, with analgesics, if necessary, in order to prevent further possible complications.

Swimming and using a wet towel after personal hygiene is not allowed; we advise only mild exercise. Corset is worn for the next 6 weeks in order to achieve or keep the desired body shape.

After 7 days: A week after the procedure, a control examination is performed and sutures are removed.

After 7-14 days: It is possible to feel pain 1-2 weeks after the procedure, but it is possible to control it by using prescribed medications. Likewise, massage of the area where the surgery was performed helps as well.

Precautions and limitations

During the first couple of days after the surgery, tissue swelling and bruising are expected. Within the first 24-48 hours, cold compresses should be applied to the area, avoid smoking and physical strain. During the first week, operated part of the body will be tightened and painful, swollen and bruised, which can be alleviated and reduced with analgesics, compresses and wearing a corset.

After the liposuction, i.e., after the recovery period, it is necessary to continue with healthy lifestyle – it implies proper nutrition and mild physical activity; in that way, weight is maintained and the results are visible for a long time.

Side effects and complications

Liposuction is a very safe method, with a small percentage of possible complications.
Like any other procedure, liposuction is associated with certain risks and complications despite the measures which are taken. The team of our Polyclinic takes every precaution to ensure that all potential risks are reduced to a minimum. However, you also have a responsibility to avoid the risks and complications.

Some early complications can be: bleeding, skin and subcutaneous tissue infections; mild asymmetry is possible. All necessary instructions are to be followed during the recovery. Corset must not be removed on your own initiative; it is necessary to take prescribed medications and attend regular control examinations and bandaging, in order to reduce possible complications to a minimum.


Package includes: first consultation examination with the doctor, preoperative examination by an anesthesiologist, surgery under general anesthesia, a corset, postoperative supervision, necessary medications, reviews and bandaging during the first postoperative days, extraction of sutures and necessary control examinations one year after the surgery.
Package does not include: preoperative laboratory tests (blood tests), ECG, intern’s examination, consulting with other specialists (specialist for diabetes, asthma, high blood pressure, thyroid gland, transfusion), medications that you will take at home.

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