Various scars spoil the appearance of our body, no matter where they are placed. Scars can develop differently and vary in shape, color and appearance. They arise as a result of injury or surgical intervention, and are the product of the human body’s capacity to heal.

Scars can interfere with the normal function of the body and cause a restriction of a movement due to shrinkage and the tension of the skin.

Furthermore, tattooing emphasizes personality and attitudes. But, as the time passes, we change our attitudes and opinions, so tattoos become unwanted and we opt for their removal.

Description of the procedure

Regardless of the reason for the occurrence of the scar, it’s a question of changing the skin tissue that often requires treatment because of medical and aesthetic reasons. Plastic surgery in most cases offers a solution for skin damage done due to inflammatory, traumatic, metabolic and all other reasons.

Scar and tattoo removal in Polyclinic Lege Artis is performed exclusively surgically, and a number of procedures depend on each individual case. There is a possibility that the scar will not completely disappear, but its prominence, visibility and tension will be reduced. 
For a result in the removing of the scar, the time of injury is an important factor. Scar correction usually takes place 6 months after the injury. Exceptionally, in some situations, the scar can be corrected earlier.


No special preparation is necessary for the procedure.
All common medical therapy can be taken regularly, except for medications that reduce viscosity and blood clotting (antiaggregant and anticoagulation therapy – Andol 100, Apirin, Marivarin). All necessary information is provided on the first examination.

Course of the procedure

Surgical removal of scars and tattoos can be a more effective way to deal with the functional or cosmetic problems caused by a scar or tattoo. In some cases it will be enough to cut a small part of the skin and suture the wound with fine suture. Flush skin scars can be corrected with simple excision, Z or W-plastic.

The procedure is done under local anesthesia.


After the procedure of scar or tattoo removal, it is extremely important that the patient follows the instructions given by the doctor. Duration of the recovery depends on the extensiveness of the procedure.

Precautions and limitations

They are necessary if we are dealing with bigger tattoos or scars. Attending control examinations and bandaging at the Polyclinic are highly advisable.

If we are dealing with removal of smaller scars and tattoos, it is important to perform regular hygiene. Stronger effort should be avoided due to faster and more effective healing, especially in areas of intense skin tension.


Package includes first examination, surgery under local anesthesia, postoperative control examinations and extraction of sutures.

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