Mentoplasty (genioplasty) is a procedure used to improve facial appearance by means of chin correction.

Although attention and complexes of people are usually focused on the nose, eyes and skin, there is often a problem and dissatisfaction with one’s appearance due to size, position and shape of chin and lower lip.

Surgical procedure solves the problem of a reduced (microgenia) or oversized (macrogenia) chin.

Description of the procedure

Unusually small chin can be corrected in two ways: by augmentation using an alloplastic implant, and by so-called sliding genioplasty.

Sliding genioplasty is a surgical method that requires general anesthesia. It is performed by approaching through the mouth; it requires hospital stay and longer recovery and therefore, it is used very rarely.

Augmentation using an alloplastic implant is very frequent procedure in aesthetic surgery. Augmentation technique is comprised of an incision made under the chin, making a ’tissue pocket’ and placing a silicone implant. It is performed under local anesthesia or locally-potentiated anesthesia; it takes up to 30 minutes.


During the examination and interview with our esthetic surgeon, the problem is detected: ‘indented’ chin, actually, often dominates the face and draws attention of a person involved in a conversation.


Although the procedure is done under local or locally-potentiated anesthesia, it is better not to eat anything prior to the procedure, or wait a couple of hours after a light meal. All possible medical therapy is taken regularly, according to the scheme.

Course of the procedure

Chin is immobilized with firm plaster bands during 5-7 days after the procedure; pain in the operated area is possible, as well as mild difficulty with chewing; therefore, mushy and liquid food is recommended.

Precautions and limitations

It is important to carefully consult with our esthetic surgeon; express your wishes and expectations, that is, familiarize yourself with possible effects of the procedure.

Side effects and complications

Asymmetry; possible hematoma or seroma in the early postoperative phase – blood or plasma accumulation around the implant, which absorbs quickly and disappears.

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