Not only does sweating create an uncomfortable feeling, but it is sometimes also very inconvenient for esthetic reasons. The problem is not common, but excessive sweating, regardless of the season, temperature and other weather conditions. While normal amounts of sweat excreted from the body resolve pollutants and regulate temperature, excessive sweating is not good for health.

Description of the procedure

Botulinum toxin acts in a way that it temporarily blocks the conductivity of chemical nerve signals for stimulation of sweat glands. It is efficient with hyperhidrosis – excessive sweating – in most of the patients. The treatment takes about an hour; after that, all regular daily activities are allowed. It is important to emphasize that this treatment does not cure the problem of hyperhidrosis, but eliminates excessive sweating, lasting up to 6 months. After a couple of months, a person can expect relapse, and if necessary, the treatment can be repeated. Such procedure is sufficient twice a year for most of the people.


Candidates for Botulinum toxin treatment against sweating can be men and women who are being tormented by this problem. Despite the impact of excessive sweating on all daily activities, making life harder for many people, many do not seek a solution or treatment. Unfortunately, this happens because they do not realize that their problem is of medical nature and can be corrected.


This procedure does not require any preparation before the Botulinum toxin treatment. Immediate preparation of the area for the treatment will be provided by the doctor in the Polyclinic.

Course of the procedure

The treatment begins by placing an anesthetic cream to the area which will be treated; it becomes effective after approx. 15 min. Thereafter, with sterile compresses and the sterile saline armpit area is wiped to remove the cream and clean the field where Botulinum toxin will be injected. This is followed by approximately 10 stings on both sides, with a small insulin needle, to dispose preparation evenly.

One dose of 100 i.j. is usually sufficient for both armpits.


It is necessary to remain in a horizontal position 4 hours after treatment, and after that you can normally return to your usual activities. It is not recommended to put any cosmetics immediately after treatment.

Precautions and limitations

Previous experience has shown that patients that are using Botulinum toxin treatment against sweating approximately twice a year have no side effects. In health terms, there are no harmful consequences; moreover, the experience has shown that the treatment is truly a lifeline for people who sweat excessively. After six to nine months they repeat the procedure which is a guarantee for functioning without unnecessary signs of nervousness and discomfort.


Package includes the price of the very preparation, prearrangements, the very treatment, and, if necessary – control examinations after 2 weeks.
In cooperation with banks, Polyclinic Lege Artis provides payment in interest-free installments.

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