Since the 80s Mesoestetic have been vigorously working on developing and perfecting their products used for treating a wide variety of skin changes and defects.

Preparations are divided into three categories. The first category is applied exclusively in doctor’s offices and clinics under the watchful eye of a specialist. The second category is in its content and way of application suitable for cosmetic beauticians, while the third one is most interesting to all because it is intended for domestic use such as post-treatment care, the same as everyday skincare products.


Clinical indication of melasma, hyperpigmentation, acne, easily improves with Dermamelan, Cosmelan or Acnelan. Mesoestetic chemical peels are proud holders of “BEST PEEL OF THE YEAR” award for two years in a row. In addition to all the feedback from clients who have applied some of the treatments mentioned are extraordinary.

Mesoestetic professional intensive medical treatments offer a solution for:

  • Treatment of every stage of skin aging,
  • Treatment of depigmentation and maintaining hyperpigmentation under control,
  • Intensive skin treatment prone to acute illnesses.

It is rich in high concentrations of active ingredients that are simple and safe to use.


If you are affected by aging skin and the negative effects of the sun then the anti-age line for personal use is your new best friend. Depending on the indications of Energy C, Collagen 360, Radiance DNA, Stem Cell, Ultimate W +, there is a high concentration of active ingredients available.


The package includes a consultant’s consultation with the skin condition analyzer and recommendation of the best solution. It implies the cost of the preparation, the preparation and the treatment itself. Also, if necessary, control. The patient is accessed individually and on the basis of the detected irregularities a package for resolving them is prepared.

In co-operation with banks, the Lege Artis Polyclinic provides the possibility of interest-free payments on installments.

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