Non-invasive, non-surgical method of wrinkle reduction, pleasant and effective.

Radiofrequent technology with Pelleve system is intended for treatment of skin of face, neck and cleavage; it is one of the rare methods that successfully treats the area right around the eyes and eyelids.

The result is visible immediately after the first session of 3 treatments, and improvement of firmness and tightness of skin last for about 6 months. Treatment takes about 45-60 minutes, without swelling, redness or irritation, it is extremely pleasant – it is immediately possible to continue with daily activities, so it represents an excellent break during a busy day.

In combination with laser rejuvenation, Pelleve non-surgical face lift is the first choice for women and men who opt for non-invasive techniques of wrinkle removal with tightening of the face and neck, a technique that enables both improvement and maintenance of the state.

Description of the procedure

Pelleve RF is a revolutionary system of skin tightening for nonablative rejuvenation, produced by the American company Ellman International.

Pelleve uses radiofrequency technique for heating of the deeper tissue layers, without damaging the epiderma. Using heat, the existing collagen contracts, producing the effect of tightening. Heat stimulates fibroblast cells to produce new collagen that fills in the existing wrinkles from the depth below. Also, local microcirculation is stimulated, which boosts drainage of the surplus liquid from the intercellular space, while eliminating gathered toxic products of metabolism.

After a few days after the first treatment, results can be seen and felt; optimum effect is achieved usually after 3 repetitions, depending on the depth of wrinkles and looseness of the skin.


Regardless of age; it is excellent for men and women who want to achieve and keep naturally fresh, healthy and youthful look, who want to avoid pronounced radical effects, without recovery period required by surgical methods.

Course of the procedure

Treatment is described as a very pleasant experience. In Polyclinic Lege Artis we usually perform it after previous enzyme preparation and microdermabrasion, which intensifies the effects.
Unlike other technologies for skin firming, Pelleve does not require the use of anesthesia, or cooling. One can expect a feeling of deep heat while radiofrequency probe works the skin in circular or radial movements, with previously abundantly applied hyaluronic gel.


Immediately after the treatment, while feeling pleasant heat on the treated area, mild redness can appear as a reflection of intensive blood supply due to stimulation of microcirculation. Therefore, Reviderm hydrocalming mask is applied, and then, if necessary, adequate cream from Reviderm line of products. Then the patient can immediately return to daily activities, relaxed, recovered, fresh.

Side effects and complications

Most of the patient is, without complications, refreshed immediately after the first treatment. With rare and sporadic, mild, temporary erythema immediately after the treatment, make-up can be applied right away and continue with activities. Therefore it is necessary for Pelleve RF, as well as for other esthetic treatments, to choose trained and competent doctor and cosmetologist, with plenty of experience in the profession.


Package includes: first consultative examination with our doctor, 3 Pelleve RF treatments; removal of make-up and enzyme preparation, and application of a soothing mask.
Pelleve radiofrequency is often combined with Asclepion laser treatments with diode laser in order to achieve more effective and long-term effect. Likewise, it can be combined with various Reviderm treatments, depending on the requirements of the skin.

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