Professional skin analysis is a fundament of successful advice and care of our clients. Nowadays the state of skin changes rapidly and it has become difficult to assess. In 40% cases, results of regular skin analysis have to be corrected through computer metering. That number perfectly shows that, in order to get to the reliable claim about one’s skin condition, one must use analytic devices. That is the reason why many professional beauty experts rely on computer skin analysis.

With the aid of skin analysis device, we facilitate skin analysis while significantly increasing client’s satisfaction. Analyzer enables us to get to know our client fully, already at the initial consultation. By asking initial questions, doing skin standardization, assessing the level of skin moisture and camera recordings, we get a detailed patient information of our client whom we can follow from treatment to treatment, make comparisons and progress charts.

Patients receive analysis results, as well as recommendation for preparations in written form. With regard to the choice of preparation, the client receives a description on how to use the preparation. Besides the preparation, we recommend further treatments according to the skin condition and needs, age and type of skin.

Facial skin analysis in Polyclinic Lege Artis includes:

  • Assessment of the condition of skin
  • Assessment of the type of skin
  • Skin examination using micro camera
  • Skin moisture testing
  • Recommendations for treatment and preparations
  • Consultation with medical cosmetologist
  • Print of the analysis

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