By following world trends and innovations in the work of world polyclinics, Polyclinic Lege Artis has realized how important it is to offer the complete approach to every client. In order for the results of esthetic procedures to be even better, we have decided to introduce non-invasive services that encompassed our offer in order to achieve even better results. Every service is accompanied by use of quality dermocosmetics. For this purpose, Polyclinic Lege Artis has opted for REVIDERM dermocosmetics.

Science dedicated to beauty

REVIDERM is a skincare system developed in Germany, based on the latest research in modern dermatology and cosmetology. Skin’s own protection mechanism activates and becomes more reactive with the help of REVIDERM dermocosmetics. In that way, natural regenerative processes of skin are stimulated, and aging process is slowed down. REVIDERM harmonizes innovative science with forces of nature in order to achieve highest quality. REVIDERM has committed to make only the best products in accordance with nature. With the cooperation with international research groups, only specially selected and confirmed active agents enter their innovative formulas. Continuous quality control of effectiveness and safety guarantees high standards. Except for selection of active agents, their concentration is responsible for the optimum result as well. REVIDERM is uncompromising and gives the skin as much as it is necessary because it is the only way to guarantee excellent and long-term result. REVIDERM system offers three lines of products in order to professionally approach to care of each skin type.

REVIDERM skintelligence line of products

REVIDERM skintelligence line of products is intended for normal and mature skin and gives excellent results when it comes to hyperpigmentation. It is not only effective in combating the signs of skin aging, but is also fighting against the causes of the aging process. The texture of the entire line is soft and airy, rich in active ingredients that not only nourish the skin, but also are retained in a deep subcutaneous tissue. The line is enriched with the finest peptide ingredients, which with regular use alleviate the signs of aging, reduce wrinkles and protect the skin from further moisture loss and degradation of cells using dermamembrane (DMS) system.

REVIDERM premium skindesign line of products

As one of the more innovative companies in the sector, REVIDERM in its luxurious composition combines visionary achievements in the research of cosmetic active agents with the latest discoveries in dermatology. Thanks to this concept, REVIDERM has entered a new dimension of skincare. With the development of REVIDERM premium skindesign 4D, the company has created an extravagant, unique care of high performance, which re-defines cosmetic standards in the fight against skin aging. New REVIDERM skin care of high performance is characterized by its special intensity and the full effect. It permeates every dimension of the skin and selectively develops its effects. Besides nurturing, it protects, regenerates and stops the aging process of the skin.

Cellucur cosmeceuticals line of products

Cellucur concept was specially developed for the maintenance of skin in need of special care. The range of skin care products offers effective solutions for skin with imperfections caused by puberty or hormones, telangiectasias (broken capillaries), irritation, cellulite or scars. But, it is also necessary to harmonize the use of products with a variety of seasonal influences on the skin. Once the single objective has been achieved, Cellucur can continue to nourish the skin to prevent aging.

REVIDERM decorative cosmetics

The most expensive piece of jewellery a woman can possess is her skin!

Enrich your skin with jewellery it deserves: inspired by your skin, in cooperation with international make-up artist Giovanni Fasiella, REVIDERM has developed a line of decorative cosmetics. Taking into account an intelligent and complete care for your skin, REVIDERM Make-up line „Skin Jewels“ is based on precious minerals and carefully selected ingredients and it wholly follows REVIDERM’s approach to skin care.

Regarding the fact that only the purest ingredients are used, it can be applied even to most sensitive skin, and it is an ideal finish of care after cosmetic treatments such as microdermabrasia. Light texture, carefully selected and combined ingredients allow skin to breathe and ensure a healthy glow. Due to innovative code of colour choosing and combining products, putting together a perfect appearance becomes simple and practical. Micromineral complex, diamond dust and additional high quality ingredients ensure your skin perfect coverage and naturally beautiful appearance. Your skin deserves the most luxurious jewellery – REVIDERM Make-up!

In Polyclinic Lege Artis we use REVIDERM decorative cosmetics. REVIDERM will astound you at first sight with its professionality and elegance, and most importantly, effective results.

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