Specialist examination by a surgeon

The examination is short and painless, although it can be unpleasant. Special preparation of the rectum is not necessary; ‘cleansing’ is not advised.

It is often necessary – before possible procedure – to do additional medical tests of rectum – rectoscopy and colonoscopy.

Course of the examination:

After the conversation and medical history review, proctologic examination follows – it is necessary in order to detect the diseases: rectal tumors, polyps, abscess, enlarged prostate, or, maybe, hemorrhoidal disease, anal fissure or fistula.

Due to better visualization and exact diagnosis, it is necessary to do:

  • external physical examination
  • digital rectal examination – examination of the anus and rectum using the index finger, which serves to determine the state of tonus of inner sphincter and prostate, with male persons
  • anoscopy – examination of the interior of anus with an instrument – anoscope, into the depth of 10-15 cm