The bariatric overweight program is aimed at solving the problem of obesity, including the most modern therapeutic guidelines, innovations resulting from research, and continuing education.


We evaluate and develop specialist bariatric findings and opinions through a comprehensive physical clinical examination, which may require various laboratory and diagnostic tests, and includes examinations by various subspecialists (endocrinologist, gastroenterologist, anesthesiologist, pulmonologist, neurologist, nutritionist, psychologist…).

Our team takes into account all your medical conditions and difficulties in making a decision about the planned therapy.


Overweight people, who have decided to solve their problem surgically.


  • First examination (detailed anamnesis, clinical examination)
  • Review of previous therapy (diabetes, hypertension, high fat, sleep apnea)
  • Referral and orientation towards subspecialist processing
  • Specialist finding of a bariatric surgeon with an opinion on further therapy.


At the Lege Artis Polyclinic, our multidisciplinary team led by a subspecialist in bariatric surgery, Zdenko Boras, PhD, MD, determines your individualized weight loss plan.

In cooperation with banks, our Polyclinic provides the possibility of payment in installments, but also interest-free payment up to a certain number of installments.

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