Description of the procedure

Laser removal of acute acne is a medical procedure in which a diode laser generates intense pulsating beam of specific wavelength, penetrates below the skin and removes fatty follicles from which acne arise.


If you have, for a longer time, acne present on the face, neck, upper back and chest, acne problem, except for cosmetic reasons, should be addressed because of possible serious health problems.


You should, prior to treatment, thoroughly clean and dry your skin, remove make-up, creams, oils or self-tanning products.

Course of the procedure

Laser treatment of acute acne removal itself is not complicated and is done on ambulatory basis without local anesthesia. The distal part of the laser handle is pressed against the skin, and after the activation of the laser with a foot switch, the light impulse is let through. The area with acne is, after a month or after the 4th treatment, 90% cleaner.

Precautions and limitations

Thanks to its strong anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory action, laser light allows calming, normalization of greasy skin and improvement of elasticity and skin tone. Laser treatments do not damage the skin, nor leave any traces.


Laser treatments in Polyclinic Lege Artis are divided by region of the body. In cooperation with banks, Polyclinic Lege Artis provides the option of paying in installments, and interest-free payment, up to a certain number of installments. More on classification of treatments, payment methods and price of treatments, see here.

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