Description of the procedure

Laser removal of capillaries on face and nose using a diode laser soothes and removes the aforementioned changes without surgical incisions and recovery period. Small capillaries and spider web veins up to 2 mm in diameter can be treated.


If you notice the appearance of capillaries on your body, and they cause you discomfort, you are a candidate for their removal.


You should, prior to treatment, thoroughly clean and dry your skin, remove make-up, creams, oils or self-tanning products.

Course of the procedure

Laser treatment of capillaries on face and nose itself is not complicated and is done on ambulatory basis without local anesthesia. The distal part of the laser handle is pressed against the skin, and after the activation of the laser with a foot switch, the light impulse is let through.
During the treatment of removal of capillaries, light turns into heat, and a blood vessel is closed and disappears. Liquid surrounding the vessel (tissue that contains a high percentage of water) does not absorb the light, preventing damage to the surrounding skin. Vessels are immediately ‘erased’ without the occurrence of repulsive peliosis (purple smudges).
Blood is heated, and a targeted capillary is narrowed and ultimately disappears. People usually feel only a small amount of heat. The treatment takes about 20 minutes, but it can be shorter and longer, depending of the severity of the case and the size of affected area.
Lasersko uklanjanje kapilara lica i nosa - Lege Artis 002


Immediately after the treatment, you can return to your daily activities. However, we recommend that you avoid increased physical activities.

Precautions and limitations

Common side-effects are redness and swelling that last no longer than 24-48 hours. Less frequent side-effects are changes in pigmentation, skin bulging and small scabs. The above is a very rare and usually lasts a few days. After the treatment, it is necessary to avoid the sun for least 10-15 days and use sunscreens with SPF 50+.


Laser treatments in Polyclinic Lege Artis are divided by region of the body. In cooperation with banks, Polyclinic Lege Artis provides the option of paying in installments, and interest-free payment, up to a certain number of installments. More on classification of treatments, payment methods and price of treatments, see see.
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