A primary tendency of modern medicine is – to lower invasiveness. That means:

  • without pain
  • without scars/marks
  • without stress and recovery; without losing time and reducing daily activities – effective and efficient

Therefore, laser technology takes precedence among surgical methods, especially in esthetic treatments and procedures.

Contemporary – non-invasive, painless and effective laser technology has become a logical choice of Polyclinic Lege Artis. It is now a centre for three eminent laser manufacturers:

  • German BioLitec, a leading manufacturer of diode lasers for veins and proctology
  • Asclepion, also a German leader in esthetics and dermatology
  • American company Erchonia – world-renowned manufacturer of cold lasers for body contouring and treatment of obesity

Advantages of our Laser centre:

  • Non-invasive, painless, quick and efficient technology
  • All lasers certified by the FDA (American Food and Drug Administration) – exclusively with medical references
  • Treatments are performed by licensed doctors and cosmetologists
  • Permanent cure to medical problems: varicose veins, hemorrhoids, skin tumors, moles, warts, condyloma, ingrown hair, acute acne
  • Fulfilling esthetic demands: hair on face and body, ingrown hair, capillaries on nose and face, spider and cherry angiomas, hemangioma; signs of aging, wrinkles, loss of tonus, looseness of skin on face and neck
  • Health and beauty: obesity, segmental fatty deposits, cellulite

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