Tretmani laserom - Lege Artis 006

Zerona is non-invasive treatment for body shaping that uses Erchonia Green laser Scanner. Clinical studies have proven that this laser reduces fat body cells; it reduces cellulite and volume of the treated area.

Green laser’s cold beam creates an opening, a pore on the wall of a fat cell through which fat is excreted into intercellular space and in a natural way – through lymph and urinary tract – leaves the body. Each area on which there is excess and imbalance of fat can be treated.

  • Safe and non-invasive alternative to traditional liposuction.
  • The treatment is done in consultation and ongoing supervision of a physician.
  • Results are visible in a few weeks.
  • FDA certificate / indication:
    • effective treatment of obesity
    • reduction of fat tissue
    • elimination of cellulite


  • without pain
  • without surgery
  • without recovery period