Do you feel pressure, fatigue and heaviness in your legs? Do you have a feeling of fullness in them? Are you bothered by the ‘restless legs’ syndrome accompanied by swelling, itching, heat or even pain in lower legs that are too tense?

Perhaps you have visible capillaries, soft telangiectasias or purple-blue mesh; perhaps, as well, you have clearly protruding, meandering veins and thin, atrophic, hyper pigmented skin?

Or – even worse: after accidental scratch gained while walking or gardening, after scratching a mosquito bite or even after being mildly hit – a wound opened on a protruding lower leg vein?

Almost 50% of population in some way suffers from a vascular disease – varicose veins or capillaries on legs emerge as a consequence of the modern way of life. All of us observe a certain stage of vascular insufficiency.
Whether it is an aesthetic or functional problem, a disease – it is necessary to treat the cause, and not only the consequences.

Varicose veins (varicosities, varices cruris) are a progressive disease – if they are not treated, symptoms can worsen over time and complications which compromise health and quality of life occur inevitably.

Varicose veins cannot disappear spontaneously, nor can they be cured with creams, gels or compresses, not even with wearing a compress, elastic band or socks – those are all just auxiliary instruments which relieve problems only temporarily and over a short period of time.

Furthermore, if only aesthetic problem of varicose veins is treated – using sclerosation or similar techniques, while ignoring the cause of their occurrence, which are non-functional vein valves, it is only a matter of time when varicose veins will appear again, and with what intensity will the disease progress.

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