Capillaries are tiniest blood vessels, placed at the border of arterial and venous blood system. Their function is transporting and exchanging substances between blood and tissue.
However, when we talk about varicose capillaries (venectasiae, spider veins, mesh veins, broomish veins, spider web veins, vein drawing) – we are primarily referring to venous capillaries.
Unlike varicose veins, enlarged capillaries are not painful and accompanied by swelling and heaviness in the legs.

Causes and mechanisms of occurrence

It is very likely that, like in veins, genetic factor is the most dominant – there is a weakening of valve mechanism in capillaries of fat tissue, with inherently weak muscle fascia.

Likewise, usually a disorder of posture (flat feet) is present, being overweight, lack of activity, hormones, pregnancy, age.

Usually causes are combined. In contemporary times, they are provoked by bathing in hot water, frequent sauna visits, floor heating, intensive anticellulite massages.

They can occur at any age, location on the body is not strictly determined, they occur in both sexes – men have them more often on their face and nose, and women on their legs.

Unfortunately, once they appear, they have a continuous tendency of spreading and enlargement. Therefore, treatments should be started in time and maintained regularly – varicose and cracked capillaries are difficult, almost impossible to remove completely. But, it is possible, with regular treatments, to keep them under control.

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