It is necessary to carry out a clinical examination by a surgeon and color Doppler (ultrasound). In this way, the stage of the disease can be precisely determined, and the method of treatment most suitable for a specific patient can be chosen.

Specialist examination by a surgeon

In case there is any of the signs and symptoms of the disease present, it is necessary to contact a surgeon for a phlebological examination – examination of capillaries and veins. For such action, no special preparations are necessary; the examination is completely pain-free and harmless. It includes family and personal medical history, conversation with the patient and clinical examination. This is followed by diagnostic procedures and a selection of adequate treatment methods. The entire examination takes about 30 minutes; the results are available immediately.

Color dopler

The examination of vein system using color Doppler shows leg veins, as well as other structures, such as arteries, subcutaneous fat tissue and muscles. Besides that, by using the so-called Doppler effect, the aforementioned examination will diagnose whether there is an obstruction (clogging), or, perhaps, a reflux (return of the blood towards the feet) in some of the veins – a sign that venous valves are damaged.

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