Surgical treatment encompasses all the aforementioned and described surgical techniques – classical or endovenous.

Each serious and reliable healthcare institution that professionally deals with treatment of veins – phlebology – has to master all available methods and procedures – meaning, it has to choose the best and most acceptable method for every patient.

Therefore, the fundamental motto of Polyclinic Lege Artis should be herein repeated: Each leg has its own story. We approach every patient in a special, individual way: after the diagnostics, we choose adequate treatment procedure, which is very often a collection of different methods.

1. Classical vein surgery (Stripping) + Foam sclerotherapy with the use of ultrasound

With classical surgical vein treatment, it necessary to ‘transfer’ veins from C6 stage into C5 stage, in other words, to heal an ulcer. It often, in practice, represents an insoluble problem, because it is highly necessary to regularly, persistently and lastingly wear a right compress!

More on classical vein surgery, read here.

2. Endovenous techniques

The most effective way – immediate endovenous closing of the main superficial vein using a laser or radiofrequency, with foam sclerotherapy under the control of the ultrasounds, in a combination with surgery. These techniques are possible to perform even while the ulcer is still opened; even better; they are extremely effective and they lead to the permanent closing of the ulcer in 7-10 days!

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