Each serious and reliable healthcare institution that professionally deals with treatment of veins – phlebology – has to master all available methods and procedures – meaning, it has to choose the best and most acceptable method for every patient.

Therefore, the fundamental motto of Polyclinic Lege Artis should be herein repeated: Each leg has its own story. We approach every patient in a special, individual way: after the diagnostics, we choose adequate treatment procedure, which is very often a collection of different methods.

Treatment – removing the varicose veins – is not performed due to aesthetic reasons, but because of complications which inevitably occur; some can be hazardous for one’s health. It is, therefore, important to know that serious complications can be avoided if the treatment is approached to as early as possible; in that way, irreversible changes in the vascular system of legs – damage that cannot be repaired – can be avoided.


  1. Thrombophlebitis – inflammation of the superficial veins
  2. Phlebothrombosis (Deep vein thrombosis, DVT)
  3. Ulcus cruris

More about consequences and complications of non-treated varicose veins, read here

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