UGFS (ultrasound guided foam sclerotherapy) is a method of removing capillaries/veins by injecting sclerofoam into the lumen, while being under control of the ultrasound.

Description of the procedure

In that manner – chemically – we induce inflammation of the vein wall, blood clotting inside of her lumen and gradual disintegration, while directing the flow into the healthy part of the vein system.
There are two types of UGFS:
– Primary vein treatment using UGFS – injecting the foam under ultrasound control into the primary tree of the main superficial vein
– Secondary UGFS – injecting the foam into varicosities (varicose veins) which appeared again after being already operated on using classical methods – relapsing varicosities/veins


UGFS method should not be done when the groin venous valve has weakened!
Otherwise, it is possible to expect relapse quite soon – from a couple of months up to 2-5 years. Such patients need surgery, classical or endovascular (laser, radiofrequency). Therefore, surgery should be done in centres that offer various methods of vein treatment.


It is performed in treating bigger capillaries, all superficial and communicating veins (connecting veins between superficial and deep vein system), and in treating vein ulcer.
It is often combined with some other surgical technique, thus achieving excellent results.


It necessary to familiarize the surgeon with your therapy and preparations you are taking; it is of utmost importance to mention heart medications, blood thinners, anticoagulants, hormones and contraceptives. Detailed personal medical history is noted. Information on possible heart malformation – defect of the heart septum – must be pointed out.
During the first examination, individual measure for elastic stockings of 2nd level of compression, that are worn after the procedure, is taken as well. The patient is provided with all necessary instructions for the procedure that follows
It is suggested to eat a light meal and take liquid prior to the procedure.

Course of the procedure

The procedure is performed without anesthesia because it is almost completely painless.
Under ultrasound control, intravenous cannula used to inject sclerofoam is lead into the main tree of the superficial vein that has been changed by varicosity.

It is repeated with all remaining varicosities. The amount of time necessary to do the procedure depends on the volume of the treated changes, and it can take up to one hour.

At the end, the patient is put on an elastic stocking – simple, quick, effective, painless, immediately after the procedure, without wounds, scars or nerve damage.

Often it is necessary to repeat the treatment 2-3 times in the interval of a couple of weeks until the total effect is achieved.


With compressive therapy after the procedure (elastic stockings) and active walking regime – it is necessary to walk for 30 minutes right after the procedure. It is good to consume plenty of liquid. After the procedure – common regime of daily activities and personal hygiene, without limitation of the activity, sport, recreation, work.
Elastic stockings are to be worn continuously for 2 weeks after the procedure, and later by recommendation.

It is important not to put gels or creams against hematoma (Heparin, Ice gel, and the like) on the treated area because it can become irritated. Care should be done exclusively with mild milk or skin lotion.

Precautions and limitations

The amount (dosage) of the applied sclerosant agent is limited – by that, the volume of changes which can be treated during one treatment is limited as well.
Sometimes, there is a chance for relapse. However, relapse is easy to predict and do the treatment again accordingly.

It is necessary – as much as possible – to correct the mechanisms that had lead to the development of the disease.

Side effects and complications

Hyperpigmentations of skin is possible, especially with black-haired patients with porcelain complexion, but they are temporary. They usually disappear within a year.
Sometimes, a surface inflammation and local vein thrombosis can appear. In the course of 8-14 days, redness and bruising at the area of intervention are possible, as well as temporary surface induration (swelling) accompanied by mild local pain and heat.

It can all be successfully overcome by wearing elastic stockings up to 3 weeks, walking, and activity.

Serious complications – such as deep vein thrombosis – are almost impossible with correctly done procedure, and unknown in professional literature.


Package includes: Procedure done under local anesthesia, custom-made elastic stockings of 2nd level of compression, 3 postoperative reviews with an additional sclerosation of the treated vein flow, if necessary.

Package does not include: first indicative surgeon’s examination, vein color Doppler; expenses made prior to admittance into Polyclinic Lege Artis.

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