Diseases of veins and capillaries

Almost 50% of the population has issues with veins or capillaries. Whether it is an aesthetic or functional problem – it is necessary to treat the cause, and not only consequences.

Contemporary surgery performed using laser, radiofrequency and foam, as well as treatment of capillaries on face and body using different lasers – have nowadays become an irreplaceable standard.


Corrective surgical procedures

Corrective procedures have nowadays become common manner of individual care of self and a reflection of contemporary man’s aspirations to comply with the demands of life and work. The feeling of satisfaction with oneself and one’s appearance is a prerequisite for mental health and self-confidence.

Esthetic surgery nowadays requires an expert, scientific and artistic approach to the client…“state-of-the-art“.


Corrective cosmetic treatments

Growing popularity in esthetic surgery belongs to non-invasive, conservative treatments using modern medicinal technology and high class preparations.

Such procedures are very pleasant and effective – they enable the client to rejuvenate significantly, look fresh, more beautiful and, above all – natural. Return to daily activities is possible immediately after the treatment.


General and abdominal surgery

Procedures are done using minimally invasive techniques – radiofrequency, laser or using classical surgery; painless and elegant – whether we are dealing with skin growths, moles or ingrown nails, or hernia, hemorrhoids and other diseases of rectal region.


First laser centre in the region

The most basic tendency of modern medicine is – to minimize invasiveness. It means: painless, without scars/marks, without stress and recovery; without loss of time and minimizing daily acitivities – effective and efficient.

Therefore, laser technology takes precedence among surgical methods, especially in esthetic treatments and procedures.

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Ana Rucner - Testimonial - Lege Artis

Ana Rucner, actress

Although I exercise regularly and pay attention to my diet, Zerona treatments at Polyclinic Lege Artis are my tail wind for ensuring a slim appearance. In only two weeks I achieved results for which I would have needed months of exercising at the gym.

Sandra Lončarić Tankosić - Testimonial - Lege Artis

Sandra Lončarić Tankosić, actress

I am extremely satisfied with cooperation with Polyclinic Lege Artis. I am so glad that in one place I have everything I need for my health, my body and my face. What really matters is that this polyclinic employs highly professional people and I really trust all the doctors and staff who work here and take care of me. I come here to relax.

Vlatka LonČar Testimonial - Lege Artis

Vlatka Lončar  

My recipe for feeling better, safer, for looking more beautiful and younger is Polyclinic Lege Artis. When time catches up with us, let’s take a walk to Lege Artis, where time cannot be stopped, but traces it leaves on our body can be deleted.